Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Poor Payton

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Forgotten Pumpkin Patch Pictures

Payton face for the day

I can not believe they let this girl paint their faces.

Addison and her MawMaw

ChaCha entertaining.

Pumpkin Patch

Tyler and I, along with my friend Boe', Tyler's mom, and sister all went to the pumpkin patch. The girls had a great time. Addison wanted no part of the petting zoo, pumpkins, or taking pictures. Payton did not mind looking at the animals and giving the occasional touch here and there. They both loved the toy tractors that they were way too small for and they actually stood still long enough to get a pumkin painted on their cheek. Tyler, Boe' & I took the girls out for lunch after the pumpkin patch and that was an experience itself. That was a shocker considering they do not sit still at all, for any reason. My mom and step dad have ruined Payton. She will sit in a high chair for a total of 3 minutes then she starts trying to climb out. I pretty much have to empty out my purse to give her stuff to play with, and that still doesn't last to long. Going out to dinner is a chore now, I am drained by the time we make it home. Then on Sunday we took them to ride the fire trucks in town. Payton's God-Father is a Volunteer Fire Fighter, so they got some special treatment. They got to skip line and ride in the cab of the fire truck while Uncle Andy's dad drove. They even had their pictures in the newspaper (twice).

ChaCha & Addison

We love our MawMaw and ChaCha

Aunt BoBo got the rabbit out for Payton to touch.

Sunday: October 12, 2008

Riding the Fire Trucks

I bought a bad paper there are spots all over the whole thing. Please excuse my horrible cutting along the edges.

This was the end of our long very busy weekend.

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