Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First DIY Craft.....

This is my first time participating in a link-up party as well as my first time posting a DIY project on my blog. I love finding new creative ideas from other blogs. So, I do not remember where I got this idea from (sorry to the blogger who posted this first, you rock!). I tried to take pictures throughout the process but the Twinadoes had alternate plans for all of that. This wreath cost about $4 to make. ($1 - leaves, $1 - fall sign, $1 - picture frame, $1 - ribbon)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Class of 2000!!!!

So, we attended Tyler's 10 year high school Reunion a few weeks ago. I knew most of the people in his class as I graduated a year after him. He is still friends with the same people he hung out with back in the day. I think it all turned out really well.
Obviously I am no good at this blogging thing, the first pictures are from after the reunion. We had to go back home to regroup and decided on a meeting place for all of the non-reunion peeps.

We are total picture whores:

Flower Girls, Twinado style

Pay was pretty shy on the dance floor. Right before we left she decided to give it a try and she totally rocked the stage.
Gertrude was a dancin' maniac all night. She stood on those steps the entire time and dance her little heart out. This is her in all her fist pumping glory:

Tyler, Nick (Groom) & Andy
Uncle Andy and Addie cuttin' a rug!

My little ladies and & I.............

Getting a decent picture of all four of us is almost impossible. Someone is either picking her nose, hand in mouth, trying to run away, screaming, hitting, biting, and/or rolling on the floor.

The beautiful Bride (Gabby)
Getting one good picture of all of us is quite the task.

Only if she would have acted like this during the ceremony.................

Hello boob about to fall about the dress...This would have been a good picture.
They love them some JJ.
This is how they roll...........

Tyler and Gertrude. Payton was terrified of the limo.

Time for the Tigers!!!!

Geaux Tigers!!!!!
It is that time of year again and the Twinadoes are so excited to get their Tiger gear on.

Picnic with Bobo at Mr. Kirk & CC's.

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