Thursday, March 25, 2010

Justice Juels Giveaway

Head on over to The Foster Family Reviews & Giveaways to enter to win a piece of Justice Juels Jewelry.

Justice Juels was founded by Chelsea Dischinger, a stay-at-home mom who had a desire to make a difference with her life. Once she learned about the horrific Human Trafficking Industry she decided to start a company to support her family and help raise money for this cause.

Justice Juels is a for-profit company who donates more than 50% of their profits to organizations who are involved in the fight to abolish Human Trafficking worldwide.

Each piece of jewelry is hand-made with the finest materials and can be custom ordered in various sizes, styles and colors. Specializing in custom jewelry the options are endless.

The average age of a Sex –Trafficking Victim is 14 years old. The average victim is forced to have sex up to 20 times a day. These victims are usually kidnapped or enticed by promises of a well-paying job in a foreign country. Once they arrive at their destination their new life usually begins with physical beatings, rape, forced prostitution or bonded labor. Their travel documents are taken from them and many times they are told their family will be hurt if they do not cooperate. In a state of malnutrition, physical, sexual and emotional abuse, unsanitary living conditions, forced abortions and HIV, these women and children work day after day in highly guarded facilities with no hope for their future. This cannot go on any longer.

Justice Juels was birthed out of a desire to be a voice for those who do not have one. A voice for those women and children who wait silently for someone to speak up on their behalf and bring forth justice. Someone who will take a stand, someone who will fight for them. If we do not speak up, then who will?

I love love love her work:

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Weekend Pictures

Little Miss Gertrude not wanting to be in any pictures

Love my Grandpa!!!!!

Clay getting his trophy

Th eLadies with Kayla and Aunt Kerri

Love my brother!!!!
(I had to fancy the picture up a bit b/c I looked awful)

Kayla & Clay

This is a first, they are both smiling at the same time.

Wishlist Wednesday

I'm linking up to Jennifer over at The Foster Family for her Wish List Wednesday. I will keep it short.
1. Some cool toys for the Little Ladies to play with in the pool this summer.

2. The new MacBook

3. Sewing Lessons - I think I have some serious sewing potential

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Get your Vote on!!!!!!

Hey ya'll, please go to the site below and vote for my outfit, please!!!!! Even if you don't like, help a girl out and vote for it, the prize is a $500 Gift Card to Macys. Woohoo!!!! Thanks!

Macys Fashion Director: "

I love this outfit - check it out!"

Friday, March 19, 2010


Here is Addison in all her signing glory, singing her favorite song. That is Payton screaming at the very beginning.

Update on the little Ladies

So, its been a long time since I've updated this thing. Here are just some random photo's of the little Ladies. Just a quick update on them: They are completely potty trained, they think they are "cheer girls" (cheerleaders), they love love love babies, their favorite song is Single Ladies by Beyonce and they are starting to ask for Lady Gaga, they still don't like dogs, Addison will not go in the backyard anymore b/c the neighbors dog came in our yard for about 2 minutes, they still love going to school but try and get out of the 2 days they go to stay with Mawmaw, they have a 20 tubes of chap stick and know where each one is hidden, and at least one of them end up in my bed every.single.night.

Yes, I let them sing and dance on the coffee table; well sometimes.

Addie & CC at the LSU baseball game

CC's (Boe's step mom, Cynthia) Jeep

Payton has to always have pig-tails

Bobo Sandra is the only one that can cut ther hair......

Little Miss Payton

They sure do love Harrison, they were "babysitting".

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