Friday, March 19, 2010

Update on the little Ladies

So, its been a long time since I've updated this thing. Here are just some random photo's of the little Ladies. Just a quick update on them: They are completely potty trained, they think they are "cheer girls" (cheerleaders), they love love love babies, their favorite song is Single Ladies by Beyonce and they are starting to ask for Lady Gaga, they still don't like dogs, Addison will not go in the backyard anymore b/c the neighbors dog came in our yard for about 2 minutes, they still love going to school but try and get out of the 2 days they go to stay with Mawmaw, they have a 20 tubes of chap stick and know where each one is hidden, and at least one of them end up in my bed every.single.night.

Yes, I let them sing and dance on the coffee table; well sometimes.

Addie & CC at the LSU baseball game

CC's (Boe's step mom, Cynthia) Jeep

Payton has to always have pig-tails

Bobo Sandra is the only one that can cut ther hair......

Little Miss Payton

They sure do love Harrison, they were "babysitting".

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