Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Sickies

Well, A/P went to visit the doctoroo bright and early this morning. It wasn't lacking any drama by any means. They both had fever and coughed the.entire.night. Of course, they set up shop in our bed. I'm surprised Tyler didn't kick us all out of our very small queen size bed. (Bring on the king size, Uncle Kerry) Addison was all about going to the doctor until she found out I was bringing them and Maw-maw was not. She wanted no part of this little trip. I had to tell her that Maw-maw had to go to the store and will be waiting on us when we leave the doctor. Payton on the other hand wanted no part of going to the doctor, she wanted to go lay on Paw-paw's sofa. I thought it would be uneventful since they both willingly walked to the car. Well as Addison was hacking up a lung she yacked all over herself. NICE!!! Thank goodness we had the cupcake shirt packed to bring to Maw-maws. Yes, you guessed it, the cupcake shirt made its first public appearance this morning. The rest of our little field trip was pretty low key with the exception of neither of them wanting to walk into the exam room. I know I will not be able to carry both of them too much longer. We have a diagnosis of sinus infection and the croup. They should be good to go by tomorrow morning to attend their school Halloween Party!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

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