Monday, January 5, 2009

2008 Year in Pictures

January 2008:

The new swing at Maw Maw & Paw Paw's. We are much too big for this now.

Cousin Lauren came to visit and experience LSU winning another National Championship.
You'll be a Tiger fan soon enough. Come back soon!

We have a new addition to the family this month. My cousin Christy had a little girl named Lilly, she is absolutey beautiful, can't wait to meet her.

February: Mardi Gras was early this year and it was a warm day so we were able to take the girls to their first parade.

Payton and Kaila at Grandma Brignac's waiting for the parade to come.

Our first Mardi Gras. They look so different now, I can not get over it.

March: This is the first time the girls tried strawberry's. It definitely took some getting used to, now they love them. I tink I am the only one that would put them in white shirts to eat strawberries.
April: The Strawberry Festival is the first weekend of April and I think this is the year (2009) the girls will begin to enjoy the festival. They had more fun at Maw Maw & Paw Paw's last year than at the festival:

Kayla's annual Dance Review that I have yet to make. This is the year that I finally see the big show!
Tyler and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary on May 21st, wow how time flys. Other than that it was a slow month.

June: Addison & Payton turned 1. They had a luau themed party at Tyler's parents house.

Payton with her pink face.

Addison with her pink body.

We didn't get very many pictures of the girls in their party dresses. Here is Payton in her dress with Honey.

Addison is eyeing Uncle Carl's beer, you have a while to go chick you just turned one.

Baby Grace was born, she is the happiest baby ever!


We celebrated 4th of July with Maw Maw & Paw Paw. Aunt Casey and baby Grace also came to visit us. I turned the big two-five; yikes!

Cousin Clay caught a ton of fish this summer.

Uncle Carl & Aunt Kerri came for a visit. Carl actually held the girls and took a picture with them. Goofy yes, but at least we have our first picture with him and the girls together.

Honey & Pops also came to visit us, please excuse the hair.

Payton fell in the toy box head first.

Tyler taught Addison & Payton to push each other in the grocery carts. Not such a good idea!!!!!

Our visit to Great-Grandpa George

JJ got the girls orange push pops and this is the end result. Addison loved them and Payton was only interested for the first five minutes.

We went to my brother and sister-in-law's house for Hurricane Gustav. Here Clay is washing Addison's hair. He is always a big help especially the with the fun things that involve water.

October: This was the girls first trip to the Pumpkin Patch:

NoAdd Imagevember:

The girls got to spend the weekend with their cousins Kayla and Clay and their favorite Aunt Kerri. It just so happened to the weekend LSU played Ole Miss. Too bad for the home team, Ole Miss won. It was great to spend time with them, we need to di it more often.

Here I am with beautiful, smart, extremely boy crazy and talented niece Kayla.

The annual Christmas photo for Nana.
We've added one more to the bunch this year and she behaved better than Addison & Payton for the photoshoot.


The girls really didn't know what to think about all of this snow. I said I was not going to let them go outside since they were sick adn this would probably make it worse. Since it never snows here I figured this may be the only time they witness this much snow so I had ti get some pictures.

Here is the front of our house earlier in the morning. I never thought it last until Tyler got home from work, a lot of it was still there the next day----> Unheard of in southeastern Louisiana.

Here is just another try in getting Addison and Payton in one picture. Sorry Grannie we will have to do separate pictures.

Here is Addison with Aunt Erica @ Nana and Gramp's for Christmas.

This is the Uncle Carl that would not hold much less play with the girls until recently, actually I think it wasn't until their first birthday. Now he can be rough and throw them around.

Addison was so sick on Christmas Day that she didn't open presents, get dressed, or let anyone hold her. It took everything she had in her to get on on the little 4-wheeler.

Payton loves the 4-wheeler, only if she can figure out how to hold the button down so she can actually go some where. She had no problem opening all of her gifts and Addison's gifts.

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